Jornadas divulgativas sobre conservación de la flora amenazada de montaña

Se celebran el 19 y 20 de julio en San Esteban del Valle (Ávila). En el programa se dan más detalles.


Prácticas con cetáceos en Portugal

AIMM – Marine Environment Research Association (www.aimmportugal.orgwas found in 2010, it’s a non-governmental association, non-for-profit organisation with international scope. Its main field of activity is related with marine mammals in their natural environment. AIMM aims to be a reference for research, education and conservation of the marine environment, promoting activities and partnerships, which empower our understanding of marine related issues, identifying threats and mitigate their effects in marine wildlife.
AIMM run the Dolphin Research Internship in Albufeira City, every year during Summer time in Portugal ( This internship program was design to anyone that wants to learn more about the Marine Environment, get field work experience and learn about marine mammals and the research techniques that we use to study cetaceans in the ocean. This programme will give the interns opportunity to get to know several species of cetaceans, sharks, sea turtles and marine birds, that occur in the South of Portugal. Namely it will provide the chance to identify and interpret their behavior, social composition of the group, amongst others. AIMM researchers provide all the training lectures and field work training. It will be given the opportunity to learn about data collection, photo analyses (photo-id), acoustic records, underwater and aerial videos, etc. Accommodation and meals are included.    
You can find some information in AIMM website (, and get a nice perspective and feedback about the program in this short video (