Prácticas pagadas sobre biofísica en Toulouse

The Pérez-Escudero Lab at the Center for Integrative Biology2 in Toulouse
(France) is looking for summer students with a quantitative background (e.g.
undergraduate or recent graduate students of Physics, Mathematics or Engineering,
or students of other scientific degrees such as Biology and Chemistry with math
and/or programming skills).
Projects will have a duration between 2 and 3 months (the period can be adapted
to the student’s needs). The laboratory will cover travel and accommodation in
Toulouse, plus a monthly stipend.
Our research aims to develop a general theoretical framework for animal behavior,
linking elementary individual behaviors to global (ecosystem-level) outcomes. We
combine theoretical work with experiments in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
Summer projects will be tailored to the student’s background and interests,
including technically-oriented projects (e.g. automate an experimental pipeline with
a pipetting robot), theoretical projects in decision-making, game theory and
navigation and experimental projects with C. elegans.
Candidates must be able to work in an English-speaking environment. Experience
in programming with Matlab and/or Python, data analysis and modeling will be useful
but not required.
Interested candidates should e-mail before
April 23, 2018.


Jornadas informativas sobre movilidad internacional 2017-18

El jueves 16 de noviembre de 2017, a las 12:00, en el Aula Magna del aulario II habrá una jornada informativa sobre movilidad internacional (ERASMUS, ERASMUS en prácticas, MUNDE). Se informará de las novedades en cada una de las convocatorias y se responderá a las dudas de quien tenga pensado solicitar esta movilidad.