Voluntariado para una investigación sobre especiación de plantas en Pirineos

Fieldwork volunteers wanted:Help us study plant evolution in the Spanish Pyrenees!

Nick Barton’s group at the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria https://ist.ac.at/en/research/barton-group/ is looking for volunteers to assist with field work on plant speciation in thePyrenees (Spain) this coming summer (late May – early August). This is a great opportunity for anybody looking to obtain experience in fieldwork relating to evolutionary biology, speciation, plant ecology and plant-animal interactions.

The project: We study evolutionary dynamics and speciation insnapdragons. The study -which has been running since 2011- involves field work on natural hybrid zones between two subspecies with differentc oloured flowers. The goal is to understand how different evolutionary forces -like natural selection- have shaped this diversity.

The fieldwork: We are seeking volunteers to assist with the field work, which involves working in teams to map the location of individual plants (GPS), tag and sample them for leaves and flowers, measuring traits, and processing material for later DNA extraction. There may also be opportunities to be involved in other projects focusing on pollinator behaviour and plant-insect interactions. Most of the work is outdoors, but we do spend some time indoors processing samples. The work is highly team orientated, typically in groups of 2-3 in the field and larger groups processing samples back at the research station.

The location: is near Ripoll in a beautiful part of the Pyrenees of NorthEastern Spain (Catalonia). We stay in comfortable apartments overlooking a picturesque valley, with close access to hiking trails and small villages. The ideal applicant: is an enthusiastic, hardworking biology student with strong interest in working outdoors. You must be meticulous with recording data and also be comfortable working as part of a team. Experience with field-based projects and plants is helpful but not essential. Climbing experience is useful as some work is conducted on ropes. We are looking for volunteers between the 29th May and the 1st of August. The length of stay is flexible but we ask people to commit to a minimum 3 week stay. Applicants must be located in the Europe or the UK.

What we cover: All food, lodgings and any travel within Europe/UK are covered. How to apply? By the closing date of April 10th, please send (i) your CV,(ii) a short explanation about why you are interested, and (iii) your availability between the above dates to fieldvolunteer2021@gmail.com Please send any questions to the same address.

*A note about Covid19Although we are planning the field season optimistically, the Covid19 pandemic may force use to change/cancel our plans at very short notice. We will give as much notice as possible regarding any changes. Assuming thefield season proceeds normally, all and volunteers will be required to present a negative Covid test prior to their arrival in the field.

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Acerca de Marcos Méndez

Profesor Titular de Universidad Su investigación se centra en la ecología de la reproducción y ecología evolutiva de plantas. También se interesa por la ecología de comunidades de insectos y arañas, así como por la conservación de los escarabajos de la madera muerta. Es el coordinador de movilidad para el grado de Biología.

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